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       All glory is given to God, being the great designer and original manufacturer. We, man, simply do as our Creator has done.

Here at  Rodeheavers Hotrod Shop  we seek to honor the Creator by being creative and doing manufacturing.

"Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? there is no searching of his understanding."
Isaiah 40:28

Check us out at the Flashlight Drags at Waynesburg Pa, click the link for time & dates

We are dealers for NLR Boost and Nitrous Controllers, give us a call for more info and pricing!

 Ost Dyno are the people we use when we need a New Edge Dodge or Chrysler Tuned! Check them out for your MOPAR Tuning. They handle our Dodge tuning and we handle their Ford tuning.
Check them out at
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Hotrod: Slang for: Automobile rebuilt or modified for high speed, fast acceleration, or sporty appearance. A wide range of automobiles may be called hot rods, including some of those used in drag racing as well as those used in recreational cruising.
Random Pictures

ttps:// It only took 3 Engine Modifications to Propel our 2015 Mustang GT into the 9s on race gas,  A D1SC Procharger with the stage 2 Intercooler, Kooks Headers and exhaust, A Circle D convertor and a few BMR  & UPR Rear Suspension Parts.  So far the car has went a 9.48@147 MPH!  Major Props to Shaun @ AED for aiding us in the tuning of this beast!!!  This car was driven to the track and got 23 mpg and maintains full curb weight of #3890 with driver and fuel!

We now offer AED Custom Coyote Tuning done by Shaun Perry from AED.  Shaun is the leader is Coyote Custom Tuning.  Give us a call today for more info.

Here is a Little BOSS Mustang we just finished up with a Full KOOKS Exhaust and Headers, A P1SC Procharger, Driveshaft, Wheels/Tires and on our I house Mustang Dyno we were able to tune it to 654HP/500Tq!  This is at the rear wheels!  This car shows it to, while on a test drive it is nearly impossible to go full throttle in gears 1-4 !!!  It instantly busts the tires loose and blows the car sideways!  This isnt NO dynojet joke numbers, those are real world HP Numbers and it 100% obvious when you drive it!

We Have moved to our New Shop Located on 15 W. Cross Ave Masontown Pa 15461.  Our phone number is still the same, just be sure you are going to the correct Shop.

 We have a little Custom art work being done on the wall at the new shop! Stop by and check it out.

FORD/CHEVY/MOPAR Procharger Kits are about the easiest and most affective way to make BIG power, give us a call for more info!  Did you know that we custom make turbo headers and shorty or full length race headers for your custom application.  Stifflers NEW "FIT" Ultra Duty sub frame connectors system.$650 Installed. Please call for specific applications.

2010+ Camaro Supercharger kits are producing 550+ HP on low boost! And 650+ Rear Wheel Horse Power on Higher boost levels! Call for pricing.

2011+ Shelby GT500 and Mustang GT custom dyno tuning is being done in house right now!

 Builder of the 2010 IHRA Div.3 Championship winning car! 

This Stang was fully built and Tuned here at Rodeheavers.  In 2010 it took the Division 3 IHRA Championship Modified Class Title.  It is a Naturally asperated 347ci SBF and has a best ET of 10.60.  Now we have upgraded the motor to 363ci with better flowing heads and a more aggressive camshaft to yield a 9.63 ET On Motor, thats right, NO POWER ADDERS!!

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