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2015 + Mustang GT S550 Return Fuel System
This is our in house built and tested S550 Coyote Mustang Return style fuel system.
-It uses OEM GT350 dual fuel pumps, this means you have an OEM fuel pump that was designed to go 100000+ miles!
-It also uses the factory FPCM and we add in a second FPCM so the pumps are not FULL BLAST all of the time like other 
kits, this means the pumps will not wear out quickly like other kits do or overheat the fuel like other kits do!!  
-When you drive the car normally the pumps are 
running like the factory pump on a low speed setting controlled by the ECU then flip to high speed when you smash the gas.
-This kit will not cause any check engine lights and does not require special tune changes to function correctly.
-This kit comes with all quality components.
-It uses the 2016+ GT350 twin fuel pumps.
-This kit is plug and play other than cutting or depinning the factory fuel pump plug.

-You get:
 -GT350 twin pump assembly
 -Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
 -Aeromotive fuel pressure gauge
 -AN line in braided stainless or Black (your choice)
 -All required AN fittings in red/blue or black (your choice)
 -Fuel rail adapter
 -Plug and Play wiring harness

 -All for 1000$Plus 20$shipping(please allow two weeks to ship in most cases, we build them to order)

-You can choose to add fuel rails and the additional lines to connect them up for 450$more

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