Rodeheavers Hotrod Shop Customer Reviews
-Marc More, Greensburg Pa

If anyone is looking for custom work to be done on their car, there is no other shop I would take my car.  After many referals to Rodeheaver's Hot Rod Shop I decided to call them.  When I called, I talked to Tim. He helped me solve my problems over the phone and told me to contact him anytime if I needed further help. I then sent my car to him for some upgrades that included:

-          Kenne Bell supercharger
Blower cams
Rearend work
Rear suspension
Frame connectors
Custom Dyno Tuning

Over the past several years Tim and I had become friends and late last summer I went to him and told him I wanted something DIFFERENT, not the run of the mill 99-04 Mustang. Tim envisioned something that I did not think was possible but it sounded great. So in the fall of last year I I dropped my car off and the transformation started. Every so often I would stop out to drop off parts or to just see how it was coming. Between Tim, his dad and Rick "Spick", they went over every little detail and what was going to be coming up next. On the day I picked my car up, I could not believe my eyes they went over it with me and to make sure I was happy, all I can say is that they crossed ever T and dotted every I. the attention to detail and the quality workmanship is second to none and is just breath taking. When I trailered it home that night, people were taking pictures of it while sitting at stop lights, at that point I knew that I made the right decision in giving Tim full reigns with this build, his envision is now a reality and I could not be happier. The list of modification include:

-          All new front suspension

-          Installation of 408 Jon Bennet Racing engine

-          Big Al’s 8.71 Blower

-          Custom fab under the hood and repainting engine bay

-          Cut to fit hood

-          Installation of PA Super comp C4 tranny

-          Fuel cell and fuel system

-          Custom gauges

-          Complete fabrication of wheel tubs and frame

-          Battery relocation

Thank you Tim, Mr. Rodeheaver and Spick

-Mike 89 Mustang GT (full time bracket race car)

I just wanted to share my experiences that I had with Tim at Rodeheavers. Let me start off by telling a little about myself. Im am a perfectionist when it comes to every aspect of my car. Because of that I have always done my own work on my car. I have a hard time letting anyone work on it or leaving it at a shop.
Well, since I started my new career, it just doesn't allow me the time to spend on my car that is needed to keep it in good running condition for weekly racing.
Through word of mouth and the internet I decided to talk to Tim at Rodeheavers to see if I could trust him to work on my car. After several conversations and trips to his shop I decide I would give him a shot. Let me tell you, it has been a great experience.
Tim sees all types of cars varying in all price ranges and he treats them all with the same care. I have never seen any customer's car sit outside in bad weather. I have also seen him bend over backwards to please his customers. He answers any questions the best he can and if he doesn't have the answer he will find it. I feel my car was treated with the best care possible. Im very pleased with my experience at Rodeheavers and highly recommend them for any high performance needs you may need.

-Dan 95 Mustang Cobra

You will not be disappointed with your experience at Rodeheaver's. Tim is a great guy and will treat you right from start to finish.
Over the past few years I have had my cobra in Tim's hands several times including
-Heads, cam, intake
-Long tube headers
-Custom fabricated x-pipe and side exhaust
-Supercharger Upgrades
-SCT Dyno tuning in house from Rodeheavers on the shop's Mustang Dyno

I even brought my daily driver Scion TC in to Tim to install Hotchkis springs and Tokico shocks/struts...he's good with more than just Fords and Mustangs! Tim will give you an upfront price before the work starts, you won't be treated like a blank check at Rodeheaver's. You'll even get honest recommendations and advice if you aren't sure what you need.

I will keep returning to Rodeheaver's for years to come and fully recommend the shop to anyone looking for quality, honest work at reasonable prices!

-Erik 2006 Mustang GT

If you are looking to find a great mechanic, Rodeheaver’s is number one in my book. When I first met Tim my first impression was that he is a "down to earth" guy. When I dropped off my Mustang at Rodeheaver’s it had 260 RWHP and 280 RWTQ stock. When I picked it up it had 424 RWHP and 407 RWTQ. I’m glad that I chose Rodeheaver’s. Tim did an excellent job on my Mustang inside and out. He took his time and did a fantastic job. His work is very clean. I’m really happy the way my car turned out. Here are the parts that Tim put installed on my car.

-HO Vortech Supercharger

- JBA long tube headers and h-pipe

-Spec stage 2+ clutch

-FMS 4.10 gears

-Shelby gauge cluster with Shelby gauges; boost, oil, fuel pressure

-Shelby 5-speed short throw shifter

-Motor mounts

-SCT Dyno tuning from Don Lasota on the shop's Mustang.Dyno

In the summer it looks like he will be installing a BMR Drag race rear suspension kit. Not only does Tim work on my Mustang but is also works on my daily driver (2004 Ford F-150 FX4), my Honda Accord, and my father-in-laws Toyota and Mazda. Lets face it, it’s hard to find a trust worthy and honest mechanic out there especially for your horsepower needs. So if you want the best mechanic to work on your vehicles stop in at Rodeheaver’s Hot Rod and Auto Repair.

Thanks for everything Tim, my mechanic who became a great friend!

-Mike, 94 mustang cobra

My Rodeheaver’s Hot Rod experience has been nothing short of excellent.  Tim and his staff are knowledgeable, courteous and customer satisfaction is their first priority.  Over the years Tim has shared a wealth of automotive and performance knowledge with me, and helped point me in the right direction for my performance goals. 

With Tim anything is possible, and if he can’t do it, it can’t be done.  He custom fabricated a side exit exhaust for my 1994 Mustang SVT Cobra.  Not only did it sound amazing, but the quality of the work was top notch.  He has also installed some suspension components and my SVO side skirts and I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out. 

                I have also had my car to Tim to have it tuned.  Tim definitely chose a pro when choosing Lasota Racing for his tuning professionals.  I had heard nothing but horror stories about the difficulties of tuning the 94-95 mustangs, and with Lasota it was not a problem.  The process went smoothly and I walked away picking up much needed HP/TQ to the wheels with a completely stock 302 with bolt ons. 

                Rodeheaver’s will be handling my major overhaul on the car this winter including new heads, cam, intake, clutch, subframe connectors, and the list goes on.  Tim and his crew are they only shop I trust with the work on my car.   I can’t say enough about Tim and his staff, and look forward to working with them in the future

-Mush Sobek "04 Mach 1"

I'm going to make this to the point, informative, and FAST,  Just like my experiences at Rodeheavers. When i walked into Tim's shop a few years ago he welcomed me like he knew me forever! He shared the same enthusiasm for my car as I did ,even though its just a street car. He always has good advice for me, and has always done exceptional work.  I recommend him to all of my buddies that are looking for a performance shop.
            My Rodeheaver Work
               -Long tube Headers.
               -Numerous replaced input shafts (until i finally listened to Tim to buy a T-56) I could of  saved a lot of headaches if
                 i would of listened to him the first time.
               -Tons of great advice
               -Custom Tune (coming soon ,I will post the results)

-Bo 2003 Mustang Cobra

I’ll start this off right by telling you guys exactly what I’ve told Tim numerous times throughout my entire experience with Rodeheaver’s: Tim is the man, any way you cut it.

I couldn’t be happier with the huge effort and resourceful thinking that Tim has put into not only trouble shooting my car with me but for how involved, “in the loop” and special he made me feel, which in my educated opinion speaks volumes about his personality, his passion for cars, and his commitment to his customers. So far I couldn't be happier with Tim's work, and knowing he stands behind it 100% is a great piece of mind to have!

Long read:
My positive experiences with Tim started long before I was a customer of his when my car developed a smoking issue somewhere around late may/early june this year. I tried to do some troubleshooting myself, but I don’t have the tools/resources/knowhow for that, so my opportunities to solve the problem on my own were pretty limited. With that in mind, I tried to gather as much information/help as I could to try to solve the problem. I got a lot of mixed feedback from friends/etc. regarding the smoking problem. It wasn’t a cut and dry smell of burning oil, even though it was consuming oil, because the problem developed/showed itself immediately after I had ceramic coated long tubes and a catted x pipe installed (which had some odd silver paint that was burning off too, giving a pretty unique smell). In a nutshell: I was stumped.

Despite the fact that I was unapologetic about being loyal to pledge allegiance to another shop, Tim and I had talked a little bit about the smoking issue at Carlisle, and a LOT after Carlisle – in which the car had put enough miles on that we both felt that it shouldn’t be contributing to the smoke anymore, yet the smoke still remained. Tim was very helpful and suggested a few simple bandaids that could possibly solve the symptoms, focusing on the PCV and intake system. Unfortunately… none of those worked.

In the weeks following Carlisle, the smoke upon start up deteriorated into a constant smoking, and became clearer that it was just oil burning, at an alarming rate. Tim’s logic was the same as mine – something isn’t right, I need to be very careful when driving the car so that something doesn’t go wrong in a BIG way.

We both felt that even though some people might say that terminators are notorious for smoking upon start up, mine never had any issues with this at all, regardless of any of the various exhaust set ups I have gone through – so the issue was a recent development with the car. Even considering that there were some issues with MAC longtubes back when they first came out for the 99 cobras, I did my homework and looked into the causes to ensure that those have been rectified (for years now) before I bought them, so I wasn’t really concerned with that causing a problem.

Although I had some previous concern that the oil consumption issue was with the car having bad heads/valve guides after some searching and some help –it seemed very odd considering that my car only had under 13,400 miles at that time, and even more so because there were no signs of head tick with the car either. Pricing out new heads was not a very good day for me..

Tim and I decided that whatever was going on with my car needed a much closer look than a phone call could do, so I limped the car down to his shop for him to go over everything. He certainly worked to earn my business, and I thought to myself ‘worst case scenario’ Tim has a lot of experience building successful motors as well as very reasonable rates. On top of that, he really proved to me the type of guy he was – so I knew that no matter what the situation would be, I’d be in good hands.

I stand behind this 100% when I say this, based off my experiences with Tim: he knows his stuff. As soon as he scoped the cylinders he was able to see easily that something wasn’t quite right in #7. He sent me a PM, giving me a heads up as to what he saw, as it was essentially the last thing he had time to do at the shop before he went home to have dinner with his family.
Well, sure enough it was the pistons – and boy could it have been ugly(er). The good news? The heads were absolutely mint, so I wouldn’t have to replace them. 4 valve heads aren’t cheap, and it was definitely not in the cards to do any type of an upgrade, so if it had to be anything, I’m happier with an upgrade (since the pistons are the weak link in the motor anyway) than being back where the car started with nothing but bills to show for it.

Now came the time to make the decision about where to go with it now that we knew the problem… Tim was very courteous and understanding about how anal I am with my car and what I put on it, so he wasn’t pushy with me to pull the trigger (and possibly regret it) in regard to what I wanted to do. We decided to bore the motor .020 over, so Tim broke the motor down and sent it out to the machine shop and I started narrowing down what pistons I wanted to go with. We selected Diamond Racing’s dished -15cc, and they came in just in time for Tim to get everything lined up and preassembled for when the block came back.

Because Tim was smart enough and thoughtful enough to work ahead, he was able to expedite the entire motor rebuilding process for me and get everything sorted out in a very timely manner that worked out well for both of us.

Not only does he know his profession, but he understood my own little quirks/pet peeves in regard to what I wanted and what I expected of him. What I didn’t expect was Tim finding ways to continue to go above and beyond the call of duty for me. Another thing I didn’t expect was to make a legitimate friend out of this process – Tim’s a blast to BS with, and at no time did I feel that he treated me as just another customer or a proverbial blank check to try to milk money out of. Tim was upfront, honest, as transparent with the work he was doing as possible so that I felt like I was involved and had a say in everything from the very beginning, which is exactly what I was looking for.

I know I'm not alone with my experiences with Tim, or when I say that he has really earned my respect through his actions.

Thanks again for the great work Tim!!!











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