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At Rodeheavers Hotrod Shop we have 2 Cars that Race that fly our flags, One is Mike Balaska's Fox body Mustang and the other is Chuck T.  We fully built the mustang with and for Mikey B and he is a full time bracket racer, so this car is at the track every week end racing.  The car started life as a stockish Mustang GT that was clean as a whistle.  Mike started the project out by attempting to get a roll bar and rear suspension built at another shop, when the other shop proved to be lacking in every way other than being good at hurting the car Mike got ahold of me and I started our relationship by finishing the chromolly roll bar and fixing the brakes and suspension.  We built the motor and fully assembled this car at our shop, it has a 347ci, dart block, trick flow heads (fox lake cnc), Vr  EFI intake, 90mm t-body, Anderson cam, AOD tranny, 8.8 rear with 4.10 gears, wolfe racecraft rear suspension, team z front suspension, all autometer gauges, weld prostar wheels. This car haaas gone 10.74 in the 1/4 mile. But like I said before, its a bracket car, so he usually dials it back to be 100% consistant. The first year out with this car he won the Division 3 Bracket modified championship. 

This is one of my shop cars, I have had it since I was 15 years old, It started life as my dads car and he wrecked it and was going to junk it but I stepped in and told him I wanted it.  I had to put a new quarter panel on it and everything from the strut towers forward to get it back into working order.  I was 17 by the time I got it up and running. I had built the first motor myself.  It was a 1966 289 out of a Fairlane that my uncle had. It was the first engine I built/rebuilt myself. I was 16 when I took out a loan to buy all the parts and I literally told my dad I wanted him to leave the garage when I was assembling the motor, he did...  I wish he would have stayed now...  I had the block bored .030 over and installed a set of flat top pistons, melling oil pump, comp 260H cam/lifters, edelbrock torqer intake, 66 heads, I hand ported/pollished, mid length headers, roller tip rockers, and a stupid gear drive.  The gear drive was the only down fall because when i installed it I didnt realize it came with a short cam pin that I should have installed and it ended up eating the cam, So I replaced the cam with a comp 268H and installed the correct cam pin. The car went 13.79@101 like clock work.   When I got married my wife and I bought our home and I began turning the car into something a little different. I started with a comp engineering back half kit, a narrowed 9", magnum 4-link kit, and a 10 point roll cage. I welded it it all myself in a tiny 2 car garage and built the 2nd motor for the car, a 460 bored .030 over that had a comp solid roller cam, ported DOVE heads, tunnel ram with 2 750 carbs, hooker header. the car now went 10.50 in the 1/4 and I could spray it with Nitrousl to a 9.70. Starting a Shop and a family at the same time are very difficult things to try and do together!!  In the winter of 2008 I took the tried and true 460 out and built a 501 stroker for the car with a single plane intake and a duel stage nitrous kit. The car would now run 9.80 NA and 9.40 on a 150 shot of nitrous.  In the winter of 2010 I got some inspiration from a few customer cars and a good friend I met at the Flash Light Drags, Rob Freyvogul. He ahs a old pontiac tempest that looks like a turd, but runs high 8s. He had a BBC and twin rear mount turbos and he got me thinking about the turbos.  Sooooo, I picked up a set of junk yard Holset HTB3 turbos and fabbed up a set of headers and all the piping to install them on the car, I lowerd the engine compression to 9.4:1, I had Ron from Foxlake custom grind the cam.  Kevin @ CSU did me a carb and I did everything else to the car. To date it has made around 1050 RWHP on 15lbs of boost. The car ahs gone 8.54@169 in the 1/4 mile on a 8-15lbs boost ramp.

This is Our new project, it is a full on street car with a little Hp under the hood. We custom built the headers, all the hot piping and Cold piping. This car made 560 RWHP and has a Tremec tranny behind it. It has gone a best ET of 10.24 and has no roll bar yet, so I dont want to get to crazy until it gets the proper safety equipment!

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